Owners of Apple Watch Series 5 may consider upgrading their devices to the new Watch Series 7. If money isn’t issue, you may even consider replacing your relatively new Watch Series 6. But should you upgrade to the latest Watch series model. The biggest change is the larger display. Screen sizes of the Watch Series 7 are 41mm and 45mm. This smartwatch also has thicker glass, which ensures better durability. The larger display means that there will be more space for the interface.

It also means that the Watch Series 7 is a more functional device. Users can benefit from faster charging, new colours, new workout options, improved durability and keyboard with full swipe functionality. Overall, the design remains conservative and it’s not yet a radical departure, especially compared to the Apple Watch Series 6.

We know that the Apple Watch Series 6 is a highly capable smartwatch model and with the release of the Series 7, we could expect price reductions. If you have a Series 4 or Series 5, it could be appealing to get a Series 6 instead. Depending on the retailer, the Watch Series 6 is currently available for between $319 and $349. Once the Watch Series 7 reaches this price range,

we could expect that the Series 6 will be much cheaper. It could be a good idea to wait for a while, until we get better offers from Apple. Even with the current, S6 processor is still quite capable. In reality, this gives us another reason to continue using Series 6. Even so, as a new smartwatch model, the Series 7 definitely has its own merit. As an example, the new smartwatch comes with better IP6X resistance rating, which makes the device more suitable for outdoors settings, as an example for playing on sandy beaches or other grittier environments.