So, you were on Keto Diet for few months and want to keep that weight off?

You obtained desired ketosis and experienced the light-mindedness claimed by keto-fanatics?

That sounds amazing. But after months of consuming food high in fats and proteins, how you are going to reset your metabolism to carbs?

Ketogenic diet is the most debated topic among those who want to lose weight quickly. Ketogenic diet severely restricts the amount of carbs intake and reduces it to only 5%. In the absence of quickly metabolizable glucose, body uses stored fats as its instant energy source and thus releases ketones as its byproduct.

Therefore, converting back from keto to normal diet should be through a proper route and hurry can bring harm. According to the registered dietitian, Kristin Kirkpatrick, “It probably took you a few days to get into ketosis when starting off on the keto diet. “So a sudden influx of carbs and sugar could wreak havoc on your body if you go wild with your diet.”

So going off from Keto should not mean weight gain and there are ways where you can switch from keto to traditional eating habits without losing the ground you gained on the diet.

In addition to weight gain, improper switching from ketogenic diet can result into some symptoms including:

  1. Bloating and related toilet issues
  2. Increase in hunger
  3. Addiction to high carbs and temptation to food
  4. Elevated blood glucose levels and irritability
  5. Weight gain

Useful Tips for Transitioning Off Keto

Here are some useful ways which can help you to maintain your weight after transition from Keto.

Adjust your Body to the New Normal

Everyone must be careful during any type of transition in life. And when it comes to body, one must be very careful while switching from keto. You must be aware that how your body is behaving in revised eating schedule. Adjust accordingly in case you observe that your weight is creeping back. As said by Roehl, a certified dietitian, “Should the weight creep back up, carbs can be reduced to produce weight loss.”